Cars never break down in the middle of a sunny afternoon within comfortable walking distance of a service station. They fail at the worst time in the worst place. When you're stranded on the side of the road at night in the pouring rain, Huntington Towing and Recovery will be there.

For 24/7 towing services, call the tow company Huntington, TX residents trust.

What makes our tow company different?

Who's going to pick you up when your car's down? Make sure you call a tow company that cares about...

  • You: Your safety is our top priority. We'll have you safe and sound in no time.
  • Your car: No need to worry about damage to your vehicle while towing. We are always careful.
  • Your schedule: You won't have to wait for us to arrive. We're prompt and professional.
Our service starts when you stop. Call 936-422-3364 to arrange for towing services in the Huntington, Texas area.